Friday, February 17, 2017

This shit has got to stop

The Associated Press reported this morning that the Trump Administration is looking at calling up 100,000 Army National Guardsmen to help round up illegal immigrants. The government is mainly looking at mobilizing Guardsmen in the states along the border with Mexico, but is considering activating units as far north as Oregon.
Why is this the biggest crisis our country has to face right now? Why are illegal immigrants such a huge threat that the President would even consider mobilizing the National Guard?
I don't know.
What about the economy? I thought Trump was going to put thousands of people to work shoring up roads and bridges and updating the country's infrastructure? What happened with that?
Suddenly illegal immigrants are such a big worry that Immigration and Customs Enforcement teams are rounding up and deporting hundreds, if not thousands. And now this suggestion that the rounding-up could become a military operation.
Maybe it's easier to tell people what they can and can't do than it is to put people to work.
First Trump called out the Muslims. Now it's Hispanics. Why are these groups such a threat?
You realize calling out the National Guard to help fight this "problem" is the next step down the road toward living under a military dictatorship...?
If you can mobilize the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants, you can mobilize them for ANY reason. Not just for a national disaster or some other crisis.
Next they'll be rounding up anybody who doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes. Or anybody who's opinion is different from that guy in the White House.
Sure, I'm overreacting. Maybe. But look at history.
First the regime calls out an enemy of the Homeland. Then the regime edges that enemy out of the mainstream. Then the regime rounds up that enemy. Then the regime makes that enemy disappear.
The suggestion that rounding up illegal immigrants needs to be "militarized" in order to handle the problem -- when the Border Patrol is already the largest law-enforcement agency in the country -- would indicate the Trump Administration is looking for a crisis so that the next step toward Martial Law can be taken.
The last thing this country needs in the current climate is a turn toward the military to help handle what is clearly a civilian issue -- one that's going to be argued over in the courts for a long time.
But maybe that guy in the White House -- who's so fond of quick, decisive action -- doesn't want to wait.
Things are getting uglier. If you're not a White person who was born here, or if your opinion differs from that of the ruling regime, it might be time to check your passport, start packing your bags, and consider emigrating to Canada. If troops start carrying out this illegal immigrant roundup, things are going to get a whole lot uglier. Fast.

(UPDATE: The AP is now reporting that this proposal was a Department of Homeland Security document, and that calling up the National Guard was -- according to the Administration -- "never considered." However, the proposal was reportedly discussed by Administration officials as recently as last Friday....)

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