Thursday, November 1, 2012

#601: Last man standing...?

Is music blogging Over With? Is the blog as we know it dead? Are these even important questions? (And I was just getting rolling....)
Today I read that my buddy Crabby over at Crabby's Music Review and Top 10 Site is seriously considering retiring at the turn of the New Year. He won't be the 1st. But if he hangs it up, I'll miss his cranky ranting about local radio & his Xcellent Weekly Top 10 lists of the Overlooked.
But there've bn a LOT of music bloggers dropping out over the last year or so. Maybe the newness wore off. Maybe they didn't get enuf feedback. Maybe they have Real Lives 2 devote themselves 2 -- a much better choice than spending all your free time stuck in front of a computer.
Last time I checked, Groove Sandwich had become a working musician and college student. Layla hasn't posted in over a year at her formerly-very-popular Classic Rock blog. Drew has a family life, & tho he'll pop up every couple months with a nature/photo update, I guess you could say he's semi-retired. He's not even doing Green Bay Packers updates this year! (Go with the family thing Drew -- & Thank Ghod 4 the visitors you keep sending me....)
Perplexio hasn't posted 4 awhile at either of his websites. Seano at Circle of Fits has been taking a lot of breaks over the past year, most of them due to health issues. Lex Dexter at The PrisonShip is taking a LONG break over problems that I think he could maybe write his way out of -- it worked for me awhile back.
Even Mark Prindle -- the Godfather of us all, without whom I wouldn't be doing this -- hung it up awhile back.
A few R hanging in there -- Rastro is still posting stuff at his Tumblr site, & we R continuing 2 wreak comedy havoc on Hunter S. Thompson & Larry Niven at Fear and Loathing in Known Space 2x a week, but with the World Series & the prez election, R's bn a busy guy.
Gardenhead is continuing 2 post great stuff at Asleep on the Compost Heap -- he just recently posted a review of his favorite album of 2011! The NERVE! I don't see him ever stopping, either....
As 4 me, there R LOTS of things I still wanna talk about, time & energy permitting. I still have a box of weird CDs from Crabby I'm trying 2 get thru, & more stuff stacked-up that I hope 2 listen-2 someday. I still have Air Force stories & Newspaper stories I wanna write-up. I still have stories & novels I wanna read & talk about. & there's sure 2 B more fits of Nostalgia I'll B posting here without prior warning, & Ghod Knows what might set them off.
I'm still having fun here. But then, I've been a compulsive writer since age 10, & it always makes me Feel Better to have written something, no matter how meaningless & silly.
So I'm gonna keep going, as long as me & the World's Smallest Laptop hold out. Thanx 4 dropping by -- & for gosh sakes will all you good folks from the U.K. & Russia & the Ukraine & the Netherlands & France & Canada & Germany & wherever-else please leave me a comment so I can figure out what the heck you're all reading?
Take care, all You Out There. More soon!


R S Crabb said...

Hey Tad, I'm not dead yet but may as well be.

With Drew and Rastro and Groove Sandwich Jeff tending to life not in front of a computer I can probably say that with them not around may have something to do with the decline in ratings over here. Mark Prindle talks from time to time via Facebook but I think he's more happy playing Dad than reviewing crappy music like yours truly. When I first started out 10 years ago, most of my core readers moved on to other things or died. Even I can't believe I've done this for 10 years running.

Still I have at least another couple months of blogging before heading into the sunset. I'm sure there'll be some interesting tidbits forthcoming, Stay tuned!

drewzepmeister said...

Yeah Tad, you COULD say I'm semi retired.... I know I haven't spent so much time on my Odds and Sods blog lately. I have been spending more time on my group blog,the JT Irreglars these days (where my weekly Four for Fridays is quite popular). Yet, I'll still read yours and Crabb's blogs daily, but not commenting much.

The reason for this, is the decline in my readership on Odds and Sods. As you mentioned in your post, many of us bloggers like Perplexio have moved on to other things like family matters. (Perplexio's daughter is three years old now)

Two, I have been busy. Overtime at work has left me exhausted and too tired to spend a couple of hours writing up a blog. Much of my free time is spent with either birding or spending time with my girlfriend. With the fall migration nearing it's end and winter coming around, I'll be at home more to write. Believe me, I still have a few ideas...