Saturday, November 8, 2014

Marathon 2

Greetings. Sorry I haven't been posting here.
Got through my 20 nights of work in a row back in October and actually got two days off. Then was told when I came back to work that my co-worker with the injured leg needed more recovery time. So now I'm working six nights a week through Thanksgiving.
I didn't ask for this and was already tired at the end of the last marathon. So now I'm more tired. Though it helps when the sun comes out....
Hate to whine, and I don't mind the extra $$$ -- I'm saving up for a trip back home to Idaho next summer. And it's nice to be able to pay the bills without worrying about how soon my checks are going to get to the bank. But otherwise I'm not thinking about the money much. I haven't had any time or energy to enjoy it. I'm barely thinking at all.
So I probably won't be posting here much in November, unless something unusual happens. I have nothing much to report anyway -- I haven't bought any new music, am still relying on my old Soul/R&B stand-by's at work, and they're still working fine to keep me motivated. Haven't had the time or energy to visit Goodwill and stock up on more cheap CD's, which might even be a good thing.
Am re-reading Paul Theroux's MY OTHER LIFE and MY SECRET HISTORY, among other things like the ROLLING STONE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF ROCK and other bits and pieces here and there -- SALON.COM'S (really excellent) GUIDE TO CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS, etc. Was surprised to find that V.S. Naipaul (see review of Theroux's SIR VIDIA'S SHADOW, below) turns up in Theroux's MY SECRET HISTORY, too -- though under a different name, of course. I'd forgotten that whole section....
Have written a little lately, not much. The start of a fantasy about returning home, and just today the opening of a piece of fiction about a little radio station that tries to save the country. Too early to know if either of these pieces will lead anywhere, but I'll keep you posted.
Nothing much else to report except that I'm tired and it's getting cold at night here. Of course it IS November, that's what's supposed to happen. Hope y'all are having more fun than me. More eventually....

P.S. -- Friday night marked 11 years that I've been at my job. I even noted it on our calendar here at work, and naturally nobody noticed, nobody said a word, just like they didn't notice when I marked 10 years here last year. Don't know what I expected. But at least nobody's saying "Why are you still here?"

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